Sunblock SPF50 - 8oz Sawyer System 2

Sunblock SPF50 - 8oz Sawyer System 2
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For extreme conditions, high altitude, or areas of thin skin such as nose, feet and shoulders. SPF50 8oz. Sweat and waterproof. UVA and UVB protection. System-2 holds better than most sunblocks to skin which is already moist or stressed. Use in conjunction with System-1 for touch-ups or to protect skin already sun-damaged. Contans Titanium Dioxode for extra protection.

Water proof * Moisturizing * PABA and Fragrance Free
* UVA and UVB protection

          Stay Put® System 2 is a formula with a two-layer protection. One layer penetrates deeper into the skin and one layer remains closer to the skin surface. Because of its effective two layer protection, in environments of high heat or humidity the system 2 formula may feel greasy to the skin. Even if some wiping-off of the top layer occurs (from clothing, sand, etc.), the underlying layer of protection is still effective. System II is the only sun block formula industry research has found to work well in extreme conditions when applied to moist skin and then exposed to high heat or humidity.

           For best results, dry and cool the skin as much as possible. Monitor your skin throughout the day and reapply if necessary.

       With all Sun Blocks, allow to completely dry on the skin - approximately 10 minutes - before exposure to sun or moisture. This gives the Sun Block time to bond to your skin. Follow all label directions. Application techniques, extreme exposure to sun, heat or weather conditions may vary. Monitor your skin throughout the day and reapply if necessary.

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